When nature beckons you, when the emerald silences of tropical forests call to your itinerant feet, allow us at Jetwing Adventures to show you, why Sri Lanka is the echo that is resounding in your soul. Come join us on a journey of discovering the Adventure Destination that is Sri Lanka Lanka !

Jetwing Adventures is a merger of two like-minded entities. It was inevitable that the Jetwing Group that has been around since 1980 with its deeply entrenched roots in the Sri Lankan ethos and Kalypso Adventures, India with its almost two decades of experience in adventure tourism would find common ground. A shared philosophy of love for the outdoors, for adventure and a common outlook on community development and conservation could not be ignored. They set out on a journey together that showcases Sri Lanka to the world through outdoor experiences that do not compromise on the fragile environment that is their office-space, the lives and livelihood of the local communities and the safety of their guests.

Jetwing Adventures takes pride in the quality of the experience we offer our guests. With us a trek is not just a trek, a cycling tour not just a cycling tour. We take you, the guest, on a voyage of discovery and offer a peep into a Sri Lanka unknown to most of the world with our cycling, hiking and combination tours. Whether you are cycling along beaches or backwaters, pedalling past spice and tea plantations, or riding the tougher trails through forests and up rugged mountains, we ensure you will be part of authentic experiences. You could be hiking through forests or farms, down hillsides or along beaches all in the same tour and always have your breath taken away. Day tours of Sri Lanka’s iconic capital city Colombo along its bustling streets and quaint alleys are invigorating departures from forays into its rural beauty. Our commitment to promoting and fostering the local is reinforced by our longstanding relationship with the community. We are therefore able to arrange accommodation in homestays that help you understand closely the vibrant culture of this island nation.

We believe our guides are the best in the business. Besides being trained professionally their knowledge of the lay of the land and their passion and commitment to nature itself is exemplary. These guides who we ensure are recruited from the local population understand and are able to share the nuances of the community offering you an inimitable experience. At Jetwing Adventures, we take your safety very seriously. Every tour entails comprehensive risk assessments and our guides are trained to deal with emergency situations. The legendary charm of the Sri Lankan people, the rich cultural and topographical diversities, the abundant wildlife to be sighted, the culinary feasts at every stop, the sheer beauty all around, the opportunity to contribute to a fragile eco-system – Sri Lanka has to be assimilated at various levels. Let Jetwing Adventures take you on this roller-coaster of experiences.

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